Birds Taking Chances


Birds Taking Chances

A robin hit our window pane the other day,
the glass was solid and he didn’t go threw,
why he hit so hard I really can’t say,
but we tried to save him we did all we could do.

We carefully lifted the robin from where he had fallen
we poked and prodded and inspected
The accident for him so sudden,
He rests now, nature’s finality respected.

A sparrow smacked the greenhouse door.
We saw her fall her among the pots and plants,
After a bit of searching I found her there on the floor,
Knocked senseless but alive so she had a chance.

Unlike the robin the sparrow was not broken,
We lifted her up and checked her all over
She perched on my hand our hopes unspoken.
Soon she recovered and flew into a bush for cover.

You must know how to enjoy nature’s dance,
while realizing you’re always taking a chance