Dear Someone I Know

I wanted to share this…

Sorry folks, I need to rant!

This is a note to let you know how I see you.

You are one of the most discourteous people I have ever met. You interrupt people constantly, you are always butting into conversations you aren’t part of, you use more vulgar language than I have ever heard from any individual, you are always loud, and all your difficulties are the fault someone or something else. You stomp your feet everywhere you go. You chew with your mouth open. You talk with your mouth full. You drink directly form pitchers in the refrigerator. You loudly gulp whenever you drink and invariably loudly belch when you eat or drink. None of this changes when other people are sleeping.

Your clothes never get washed unless someone else does them. You live deep in filth that offends the passers by. You can be heard pleasuring yourself from outside your residence. You do nothing to help maintain the common areas, even leaving dishes, pots and pans dirty everywhere and the grill, stove, or microwave you leave a mess when you use them.

You rarely wash. I have never known you to shower twice in the same month, and when you do you come out wearing the same dirty clothes you wore into the facility and you leave the facility cluttered and wet.You piss on the toilet seat and leave it.

You game online all night using a headset and microphone yelling obscenities and insults at the other players and everyone else around you, sometimes until 5 am. This again you do no matter who is trying to sleep or has to get up  early around you. You do this nearly day and night and seem surprised that you are over 21 and have never had a job.

You have been approached about all the issues mentioned here and you will not change. I don’t care if there is a name for how you are…all I know is that you are foul in every way possible. You disgust everyone you know. We talk about you a lot looking for solutions for you.

You aren’t missed when you are gone as a matter of fact we appreciate your going. I know one person who feels responsible for you and has payed your way up to now but that person actually is not responsible for you. Your parents don’t even want you. You should have been aborted since your unmarried mother was on drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy with you and never even lived with or loved your father. I expect you are irreparably broken and likely have no future. Maybe you could be aborted now! Just a happy thought.

Wouldn’t want to be around that person would you?

Where is the Evil?

I would like people to post commenhorse-neglectts about evil things done to93526-09-22-10 Animal Cruelty Case 008 people and animals and who did them. People who are intentionally cruel or take advantage of other people in any way. People or companies who abuse the environment or get away with breaking laws that protect the environment or even hide behind the law. Bullies, animal abusers and whatever. Even suspected paranormal issues such as hauntings and curses. Whatever is wrong.36278-Im-Against-Animal-Cruelty

For example:

car-burglarI had a nice 4×4 pickup stolen by a guy named Joby Boyd in Spanaway WA. I got it back after paying $500 to the impound yard it was towed to after it was recovered with Boyd driving. Boyd had been off-roading and had beat the truck mercilessly doing a lot of damage. Boyd was not charged though I asked to press charges. I was told I couldn’t recover any of the items stolen from inside the truck which he said didn’t exist, I wasn’t making great money then so the financial loss represented weeks of pay. I never met Joby Boyd, the police told me I could get arrested for confronting him. I never received any compensation.

Example 2

I was living outside of Leesville LA. in a housing development, I hadn’t lived there long when one evening I heard a dog crying and I decided to investigate. Three houses away I found a buff cocker spaniel tied to the back porch of a house. Her coat was ragged and overgrown and must have been absolutely miserable in the Louisiana summer. There were bloody patches I could see from over 25 yards and even with the shaggy matted coat I could tell she was starving. Being an invincible 22 year old soldier I walked right into the people’s yard to take a look at the dog. There was no water or food out. The cocker spaniel wagged it’s tail and tried to come to me as I approached but was prevented by the rusty chain she was secured by. I knelt to pet her noting what I suspected was mange.

I debated about what to do. If I confront them about their dog maybe nothing would get better, maybe they would have her destroyed, if the authorities got involved she would also likely be put down due to the mange, I had lots of experience around animals and I knew vet bills can be expensive so the likelihood that anyone who let a dog get into the state this poor cocker spaniel was in would never spent the money to get her healthy again.

Home_cocker_spanielI took chain, dog and all. My wife named her Muffin. I can’t remember how much the vet cost but it doesn’t matter. I do remember my wife and I getting seriously poisoned by the early 1980s mange treatment but we recovered and so did Muffin. Muffin also turned out to be epileptic which had its own problems but we delt with everything fine. She apparently somehow had a romantic interlude with a neighbor’s spitz and gave birth to four pups all of which were eventually placed in good homes. She was with me for around five years…which was longer than the wife.

I never actually spoke to the people who had muffin originally. I did see them though but for some reason they never looked me in the eyes and if I ever knew their names I have long since forgotten. They should have payed for their neglect and cruelty but that nearly never happened in that time and definitely not in that place.

I would like comments about the evil that gets away or eludes justice, current or past.