Education and Technology in the U. S. A.

The leadership needs followers. If the people you lead are too smart they can’t us_capitol_building_clip_artbe fooled anymore. To this end leaders seem to be giving the kids an easy ride in school. They mandate tests that funding and careers are based on ensuring that teachers basically teach the tests and no more. In most colleges the standards are lower than ever and you find graduates having to get jobs they could have gotten out of high school. Education in the United States rates Continue reading

On the argument that god created the big bang.

This is enjoyable food for thought.

Lestes' Zoo

I was going to write a slightly simpler first post than this but oh well here goes. This was inspired by a specific article I saw somewhere on the internet arguing for god from causality.

So the Theist says, “Without a god we can’t explain where the universe came from. It must have been created. Something can’t come from nothing.”
The Atheist responds, “But if a god created the universe then who created the god? Something can’t come from nothing.”
“But god is without beginning or end and has always existed.”
“Ok, so if a god can have always existed then why can’t we simplify and just say the universe has always existed?”
“But we know it didn’t: The big bang theory denies this.”

The basis of this argument is in causality. The theist is arguing that the universe must obey causality, and that the big bang doesn’t as it…

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Religious Violence and Cruelty

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Why do people pretend that religious violence isn’t happening? Why isn’t anything decisive done? The world needs to take a hard look at the Holy Books used by religion and take note of the violence within. I know a lot of you don’t believe strongly enough to read on… Continue reading

The Job of Police Forces

Do Police Still Serve and Protect? I really think they don’t. Police used to greet people and be easy to talk to. Now they treat everyone like an adversary. Police officers used to be part of the community and that is how they learned what was going on. I think police officers should live in the same area they police. Continue reading

It’s gonna be OK!

You know I just get so ticked off at the people who have to be screaming “DOOM! DOOM” all the time. People that say the Earth is destroyed and we are all going to die or similar crud. All that is BS. We will adapt. We humans fight our hardest when our backs are against a wall but it is far better not to wait that long to fight. The vast majority of us don’t cower and cave and we don’t need those who do. Continue reading

Religion Church and Goodness

Ichurch-clipart-church-logo-clip-art-1 have many friends and relatives who regularly go to church. I am amazed at how quickly church wears off of nearly all of them. In church they are on their best behavior then once away from church all their foulness seems to come flooding out. I know some who say things that would get you kicked out of a truck-stop and do things that have to be hidden from the law. Continue reading