Education and Technology in the U. S. A.

The leadership needs followers. If the people you lead are too smart they can’t us_capitol_building_clip_artbe fooled anymore. To this end leaders seem to be giving the kids an easy ride in school. They mandate tests that funding and careers are based on ensuring that teachers basically teach the tests and no more. In most colleges the standards are lower than ever and you find graduates having to get jobs they could have gotten out of high school. Education in the United States rates extremely low in comparison to the rest of the developed world. Quality and availability of education needs to be increased in the U.S. and not held back. We need reading writing and arithmetic just as they used to say, then add in chemistry, electronics, government and, believe it or not, home economics. The importance of home economics is massively underestimated in my opinion. There is no valid reason to require foreign languages in the United States. Leave out theory and theology. I even think history is of minor importance.

teacherTeachers need to teach. Just assigning reading, testing, and grading alone isn’t teaching. Actual demonstration, presentations, examples, and instruction are necessary. It is necessary to do the best possible job for the students education. If the bulk of students in a class ‘don’t get it’ it is the teacher’s fault, so fix the teacher or find a better one. Management should randomly sit in on classes anyway so they should be aware if there is a weak link.

Improvement needs to be made in the learning environment for all our kids as well.  School uniforms, limited makeup, and only emergency phone use should be the norm. When a bully is detected they should be dealt with severely, I suggest custodial work after school such as sweeping, cleaning restrooms, polishing, dusting and so on to begin with. To much non-academic extracurricular activity gets in the way of what is important.science_clipart

The thorium reactor works, the hydrogen kits for cars work, geothermal energy works, solar energy production works better than ever, wind energy works, we could be finished burning fossil fuels and running outdated and dangerous uranium reactors in just a few years if we wanted to. There are many designs for highly energy efficient homes and other buildings both on the table and built and working. All these and more need to be used. Who knows what other wonders our kids, properly educated, can come up with.

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