The Job of Police Forces

Do Police Still Serve and Protect? I really think they don’t. Police used to greet people and be easy to talk to. Now they treat everyone like an adversary. Police officers used to be part of the community and that is how they learned what was going on. I think police officers should live in the same area they police.

What do police forces do now? Police can have a deterrent effect by being in certain areas but how often do you actually see them? Police will not protect you all the time. Police really can’t take any meaningful action until a law has been broken. A lot of the time they are pretending not to see illegal acts. In robbery and burglary I have never known them to do anything beyond the initial report even when I had $4,000.00 worth of tools stolen! I wonder if it is just laziness. Pretty uniforms, great vehicles, high pay, and stroked egos is all most police officers amount to. Each day they seem to find a good hiding place and try to pass an uneventful day.

You will not get a police escort to walk to your car on a dark night. Police are rarely around to stop road rage. Obviously most criminal acts will only be attempted when police are not around. So who protects you? You do. Pick any massacre, if one good person was well-trained and armed in most cases fewer lives would have been lost. Of course then they would have most likely gone through months of criticism and maybe court battles. Religion and/or race might have become an issue too. People would probably never even consider or care how much carnage they might have been prevented.  What a world!

A sad Google News story about a mother in Las Vegas shot in a road rage incident has made me want to post this. ( Las Vegas Mom on Life Support )

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