It’s gonna be OK!

You know I just get so ticked off at the people who have to be screaming “DOOM! DOOM” all the time. People that say the Earth is destroyed and we are all going to die or similar crud. All that is BS. We will adapt. We humans fight our hardest when our backs are against a wall but it is far better not to wait that long to fight. The vast majority of us don’t cower and cave and we don’t need those who do.

We don’t need criers we need doers. There are things we need to do that will get done sooner or later. There are many nearly unlimited sources of electrical power and with that we can make clean water we have all we need for extensive hydroponics. Nearly everyone works close enough to home to use one of the electric vehicles available today. We need to stop rewarding people for excessive procreation. Kids should not be a tax benefit after one or maybe two. People should retire when they can to open jobs for young people. Companies that use robotics to do jobs formerly done by humans should be required to pay the government(social security?) an amount of money representing a third parties assessment of how many human jobs are lost to the machines. Looping external digital video recorders should be installed on all vehicles front and rear with speed and accelerometer readings displayed. There should be government programs rewarding companies that develop work at home options. Fiber optic infrastructure installation should be accelerated. I have a lot more suggestions. You should not complain unless you offer possible solutions.

The future may look a bit different but we will still be here.

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