Religion Church and Goodness

Ichurch-clipart-church-logo-clip-art-1 have many friends and relatives who regularly go to church. I am amazed at how quickly church wears off of nearly all of them. In church they are on their best behavior then once away from church all their foulness seems to come flooding out. I know some who say things that would get you kicked out of a truck-stop and do things that have to be hidden from the law.

I thought the religious people were supposed to practice churchy behavior every day, but apparently they aren’t. These people seem to think they get a free pass for spending an hour or so a week at church where they drop a pittance in the collection plate.

When I compare the behavior of the churchy people to the behavior of the non-churchy people I find non-churchy people to be, in general, much nicer, more courteous, less vulgar, and more likable.

Even the nice ones are probably being nice because the heavenly person upstairs is watching and taking notes that will be used against them in the after death heavenly immigration hearing.

Nice non churchy people or, more properly atheists, don’t ACT nice they ARE nice. There is no person in the sky keeping an eye on them.

What do you think?

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